Friday, 29 July 2011

Reviewing Cauldron Cumberland Vegetarian Sausages

I know. Sausages again. But I was hankering after some bangers and mash comfort food and have been curious to try the Cauldron range as it's a brand I seem to only be vaguely aware of even though they've been about for 25 years!

Cauldron Cumberland Vegetarian Sausages come in packs of six standard sized sausages and usual price is £2.10.

Oven cooking is recommended for best results though you can grill or fry them. Following the instructions I brushed them with oil and slung them in the oven on to a preheated baking tray.

In the twenty minutes they took to cook I boiled and mashed up some potatoes with a smidgen of butter and a splash of soya milk. I boiled runner beans, pan fried mushrooms and then used the water from the beans to make a gravy.

I used Sainsbury's own brand vegetarian gravy. It's made like normal gravy and tastes scrummy!

The sausages were very tasty. Full of flavour and the texture was perfect, just moist enough and pretty convincing as a sausage. They were quite peppery as would be expected from a cumberland sausage however I found it was not as overpowering as some tend to be and the whole meal was delicious.

 At 80 calories a sausage they are definitely a winner. Cauldron's website suggest trying these sausages in a casserole which I think would work wonderfully. Cauldron also make a Lincolnshire sausage variety which I'm hoping to try but will be buying these again. Happy taste buds! 5/5


  1. I am a veggie sausage fiend but have yet to try these, I will look out for them on my next shopping trip though on your recommendation! Lovely blog

  2. Thanks for commenting! I keep meaning to update this blog, especially with our Christmas dinner(we made Linda McCartney sausages in Quorn bacon blankets!). It was utterly delicious!